Monday, May 24, 2010

NZ Trrip

After a few hours sleep, morning on the bay and off for a capachino and first day on the job.

The morning was a little blearing but still pretty. The yact club is acroos the street.

New Zealand trip

Howdy Howdy from down under.
After 28 hrs of traveling the end of the day at Oriental Bay.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Zealand Morning 1

Chuck is in New Zealand! All in all, it took him about 24 hours to get there, if you can imagine. He sent a couple of pics from the future to share his first morning with us. He's pretty groggy, but he managed to get a few pics sent! Hooray!! He took these near the place he had his first NZ breakfast! It looks a little overcast there.

He said he ate his favorite "abroad" breakfast this morning--Eggs Benedict w/ salmon patty. That's much like what he had at the hotel on the bay on our last morning in Victoria, BC. It was soooo delicious that that has been his favorite special breakfast ever since. He said there were no sea planes this time though!
I think he's in Wellington right now. He said he was working, but was pretty tired. :( Hopefully more later!